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Travel Affiliate FAQ's

What is the Travel Affiliate Program ?
Desire Vacations is an affiliate program for webmasters and Lifestyle-Oriented websites. Desire Vacations is one of the first "Travel Affiliate Program" of it's kind to offer sales commissions to Internet marketers, webmasters and group operators.
Take a few minutes to sign-up for a new account and Desire Vacations will create before your eyes a website branded with your name. (IE; Jill's Exotic Travel) All of the vacation packages are loaded by our staff into a central database that automatically creates and maintains this unique website for you.
Bring your friends, groups and associates to your new website to and let them shop. Desire Vacations offers the best in adult travel packages, escorted adult vacations and liberal destinations. You have nothing to do except bring the traffic to your new website. We do all of the follow-up work with the travel customers to make sure their adventure is satisfactory, and YOU collect the commission! Just does not get any better than this.
Just about everyone you know travels to these destinations, so why not be the one that books the trip for them and makes the commission? It's easy... give it a try.
How much money can I make ?
Desire Vacations pays you different commissions for different destinations and escorted packages. Commissions vary from 5-10% and are paid MONTLY, religiously, without you needing to ask for your money. A $2500.00 vacation sale can net you up to $250.00 depending on the resort and package!
What is this "Minimum Payout" figure ?
The minimum payout figure is the amount of money we accumulate for you before sending you a check. Generally this is set to $100.00, but after initial period, it can be set as low as $50.00.
Initially we require a minimum payout of $1000.00 to get your first check. We are not offering this program to allow individuals to travel and collect commissions on their own travel without driving more traffic. You MUST book enough travel through your branded site to make $1000.00 in sales commissions before the first payout is sent. This will be easy for most Affiliate to reach. After the initial period, lower payout thresholds can be easily selected.
How often do I get paid ?
Desire Vacations pays the Associates on a monthly basis. Checks are mailed no later than 10 days following the close of each pay period. Fed-Ex shipping and wire options are available for an additional fee. Commissions are only paid on COMPLETED travel, but you can see everything pending from your efforts on your unique web-based Affiliate Interface.
What if I want to set-up my own group ?
We would be more than happy to help you create a travel group. There are two different type of travel groups: Virtual Groups and Contracted Groups.
Virtual Groups - Virtual Groups are packages that we put together for your dates. The groups use the available inventory from the resorts. There is no cost involved to set-up a Virtual Group. Just come up with a name for your group and a one to three paragraph description and we will create the Virtual Group for you. After the Virtual Group is set-up, you can get the link for the group from you Affiliate Interface.
Contracted Groups - Contracted Groups are where we actually contract the days and the number of rooms with the resort. After the contract is signed, those rooms can not be sold by anyone else and are taken out of the resorts inventory. We can assist you in selling the rooms by listing them for sale on our websites OR we can list them as a private group that is only seen by people using your unique affiliate link. There are other requirements for contracted group (ie. minimum number of nights, minimum number of rooms and pre-paid deposits). If you have questions about starting a Contracted Group, please give us a call and we will gladly asnwer your questions.
How do I check the number of Click-Thru's/Sales I have sent ?
Desire Vacations provides for every affiliate a web-based interface that you can login and see REAL-TIME exactly how well their marketing efforts are paying off! Desire Vacations will show you all "pending - confirmed - canceled & completed" sales. We can also offer you marketing information, banners and promotional materials.
Can I put up multiple banners ?
Yes, and we recommend putting up numerous banners promoting your new branded travel website. The more banners you put, the more traffic you generate, the more money you make! You can use the same link code on as many sites as you would like. The link code can be found in the 'Tools' section.
Can I see what what my referring URL's are from my stats page ?
Reports - Reports - Reports... we have all the reports you will need to properly manage your new Travel Affiliate website. Choose a report, click on your traffic totals and you will see a display of all the referring addresse with totals for each website that has sent you traffic.
How can this program be FREE ?
Desire Vacations wanted to make your entry into the Associate Travel Program easy and FREE to sign-up for.
Desire Vacations will sign you up in a couple of minutes ... create you a travel website with your name on it and put you right in the middle of the adult travel industry! We handle the customers and pay YOU the commissions. Yea, we have heard "this sounds too good to be true." We assure you this program is real, it works and you can make some great cash for your marketing efforts.

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